The group of companies "ASTER"

The "ASTER" group consists of companies specializing in the provision of juridical services, the lawyers services and the holding of a general audit.



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Tel/Fax: +7 (812) 449-18-37 


St.Petersburg 191011,

Nevsky pr. 30, 

Office 6.5. 


About Us

              Provided services


    • Registration of enterprises of all forms of ownership
    • Prepaid juridical support of legal entities
    • Maintaining of the accounting
    • Total audit businesses
    • Legal support of real estate transactions
    • Legal consulting in corporate, civil, administrative, family and labour law
    • The elaboration and the drawing up of the legal contracts
    • Legal examination of the documents and contracts
    • Keeping cases in the courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration
    • The protection of consumers' rights
    • Protection of labour disputes
    • Monitoring existing legislation